Meet the founders

With professional backgrounds in computer programming and development, data and research, the team’s skills are on point to ensure you are in the rights hands.

Carla Harris CEO Longevity App

Dr. Carla Harris – CEO and Co-Founder

As CEO and co-founder, Carla is the head honcho of all things Longevity App. Her professional background is diverse, ranging from a PhD in environmental science, to spearheading the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Research & Analytics division. More recently, completing her MBA inspired her to dive into the world of business and entrepreneurship. This wide-ranging experience, coupled with a disposition that’s both stupidly competitive yet all heart at the same time gives Carla the drive and expertise to take Longevity App from an idea to mission accomplished. With two young children, the idea of pursuing personal interests outside of start-up world and family land are right up there with unicorns and fairy godmothers.

Martin Jenkins CTO Longevity App
Martin Jenkins – CTO and Co-Founder

Martin is an entrepreneur with a focus on high technology, from Machine Learning through Desired Configuration Management to Blockchain. Both Martin’s parents were computer programmers when they met in the early 80’s, resulting in an easy path to software development. Given his mantra of “Automate, Automate, Automaate!”, he is frequently confused with a Dalek. Martin even went so far as to automate his playing of computer games by writing a bot for StarCraft that could play for him while he was busy doing other things. After producing highly lucrative technical results for others, from Windows SOE projects through to Algorithmic Trading, Martin desired a significant personal stake in the successful delivery of technology and made the transition into business.

Our Guiding Principles.

1. Simplicity Beats All

Over complicating the problem over complicates the solution. We believe a focused and strategic approach delivers the best results.

2. Iterate Then Reiterate

Assume nothing, test everything. Then iterate again and again.

3. Deliver & Awe

We take making your life better seriously and are ready to deliver solutions, with an extra sprinkle on top.

4. For The People

We’re here to make a difference and relationships are at the core of everything we do. Our team is our family and our customers are the boss.