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Be part of the movement that’s changing everyone’s financial future, one cent at a time.
Whether you’re interested in being a launch partner, brand partner or piloting our cutting edge solution with your clients or members, Longevity App is a powerful tool help you stand out from your competition.

Partnership opportunities include:

Super funds

Partner with one of Australia’s up an coming fintech startups and revolutionise the way your members think about and engage with their superannuation. Connect your members everyday spending with their future thanks to Longevity App top ups so their day to day behavior now has an impact on their tomorrow.

We can connect with virtually all super funds, making Longevity App the perfect solution to engage, attract and retain members.


Looking for a new way to engage clients and add to your value proposition through cutting edge technology?

Longevity App is a cost effective, powerful solution to boost your clients nest egg.


Provide a unique employee benefit & tool with a deep social purpose.

Employees spend 13 hours a month on average worrying about personal finances at work – be proactive in solving and supporting their financial future with an off the shelf tool that integrates with virtually all super funds.

New retail opportunities

Come be a part of our developing retail partner network and increase store traffic through rewarding your shoppers with a super boost.


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