Can’t find your BPAY info that you need to make a voluntary contribution? There are a few ways to track it down:

  1. Log onto your member portal from your super fund. BPAY details are often found in your Member account – making contributions section of the portal.
  2. Look at your paper/ online statements: If your fund sends you annual statements, BPAY codes to make contributions are often found at the bottom of them.
  3. Give your fund a call: We’ve put together a list below for most super funds, including what number to call them on and what to ask them to get your BPAY info asap.

Once you’re on the phone with your super fund, ask them: “what is the BPAY biller code and customer reference number I need to use to make voluntary contributions?”

They’ll then know what code to give you. Enter it in the +Add Super Account page of the app and you’re good to go onto the next step!

List of Super Funds and contact info

Super Fund Phone number Info on Super contributions


131 267 Find your payment details in My AMP

Australian Ethical

1300 134 337 Your BPAY reference number is post to you on your initial application). User biller code:
Personal or self-employed contributions

Australian Super

1300 300 273 Making after tax contributions

Care Super

1300 360 149 Making after tax contributions


1300 361 784 Making super contributions

Colonial First State

 13 13 36 Making contributions via BPAY

 First State Super

1300 650 873 Making personal contributions


1800 813 327

Log in to member portal to find out Bpay refeence number for voluntary contributions

Host Plus

1300 467 875  

ING Living

1800 062 135 Or, find BPAY details by logging into your account via
Legal Super 1800 060 312 Call the Client Service Centre on to obtain your unique BPAY Reference Code. You also need legalsuper’s Biller Code which is 29728


132 652 Making personal contributions


1300 725 171 Online account


1300 300 778 Voluntary contributions


1300 65 18 65 Payment options


13 11 84

Find your BPAY number



1800 331 685 BPAY reference number generator


1300 360 750  Voluntary contributions guide

Virgin Money

1300 652 770  

Still need some help – get in touch at and someone from our locally based support team can talk you though it.