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Dr Carla Harris, Longevity App CEO and Co-founder is an internationally recognised keynote speaker and author.

Carla and her work with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and now Longevity App brings a unique voice on some of the most relevant issues in our society: gender equality, financial security, technology, data, and building a scalable, a purpose-driven business. Carla brings an authentic and engaging approach to her work whether it be a keynote, lecture, panel or written articles. She has presented around Australia as well as overseas and shared the stage with some of Australia’s leading fintechs.

Some of her areas of expertise include:

Gender and Gender Equality

The gender pay gap and the super gap – what is the gender pay gap, why do women retire with nearly half of what men do and most importantly – what can we do to change the status quo?

How can organsations improve their gender performance? -hint, it’s not about fixing women or running salary negotiation workshops!

Money – finance, superannuation and fintech

How to turn your twilight year into highlight years – Strategies to improve your financial future, even when you’re not cashed up.

Fintech – Running her own fintech, as well as being on the Board of Fintech Australia, Carla can present on areas such as challenges and opportunities for fintechs, open banking/CDR and superannuation.

Design thinking

Design thinking and design strategy for organisations and entrepreneurs – Carla teaches design thinking and design strategy at the University of Sydney and has developed their award nominated MOOC. She is available to talk you through the elements of design thinking and how it can be applied from a product and startup perspective through to how it can be deeply embedded within the strategic framework of your organisation.

Entrepreneurship and startups

The ups and downs of start up and entrepreneurial life – Carla began Longevity App when her second child was only a newborn and knows all about building a globally scaleable startup whilst simultaneously balancing the demands of parent-hood.

Start up and gender equality – With only 17% of startups being female led, women receiving only 2% of the VC funding and 1% of government procurement contracts, Carla can speak on the realities of the startup landscape for women from both a theoretical and deeply personal perspective.

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