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November 29, 2019

Easy money hacks you can do this week

Need to save a bit of extra cash here and there after a Christmas blow out? Check out some of our fave easy things you can do to boost you savings today.

Lemonade anyone?

Make use of cash back programs. This was a popular one that many Aussies have started using, with a few providers now in Australia such as Cash RewardsCashback Club and Shopback whereby any time you shop online via their portal you’ll get a bit. It’s the retailers way of saying thank you for shopping with them. While you do need to do a fair bit of shopping for it to add up (and it all needs to be done through the rewards porta to make it count so can be a bit clunky), the holiday time is a good opportunity to make all of the present shopping and extras work in your favour.

Potential Savings – one of our staff members recently purchased a pet insurance policy through the Cashback site and got $85 cash back!

Demand a deal – you may not always feel like it, but you’re in control to who you bank with and who gives you insurance and yes – even where your super is! So review some of thee major expense items such as how much you’re paying for health insurance, home loan and savings account rates, telephone and internet bill etc and compare what’s on offer. If your current provider isn’t best on offer the call the up an ask if they’ll match it (or even better – beat it). If they won’t then pick yourself up and move!

Not getting a good deal? The get out of there fast!

Sell your unnecessary crap – sites such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplace provide an easy way to turn your trash into someone elses treasure.

Potential Savingsas an example last Christmas we sold a bunch of furniture on Ebay and scored nearly $500 plus saved money in needing (as well as the hassle) to have to hre a van to take out stuff to a re-seller or junkyard. On the flip side as a buyer – you can save a small fortune buying items that are still in top notch condition via these sites.

Do a cook up – we know, meal prep insta posts were so 2018 so no need to tell the world about it, but seriously doing a massive food shop so that you can buy in bulk can save a lot of money. Not only can you save by buying in bulk but you also avoid the need to stop off at the supermarket every night on the way home from work and buying a tonne of stuff you don’t need. If you cook up a few different meal options so that you’ve got lunches sorted (save $$$$) and some dinner options too covered for the week. You’ll not only save money but time during the week prepping and cooking which is a double win.

Potential SavingsNutritionist Amelia Phillips says we can save more than $1,000 a year by cooking our lunch at home and bringing it to work (plus it’s normally loads more healthy).

We non’t all need to see your meal prep on IG, these days but we’re super stoked at how much time and money you’re saving by doing it!

Sell your snaps – taken some cracker happy snaps lately? There’s a range of stock image sites you can sell them on and so long as they’re good, high quality images that meet the guidelines you could actually get a bit of cash for them on sites such as shutterstock. May not set you up for life but it’s better than a slap in the face surely.

Potential Savings – This one’s really variable as it depends on how committed you are to contributing photos here – it really be anywhere from a few bucks to thousands. Read more in this blog if you’re interested.

Have a “No Spend” Day  – it really doesn’t matter which day you pick – the idea here os that your mission should you choose to accept is to go a full day without spending a cent on any item. Ok fine, you may need to shell out for some basics like public transport or tolls to get to work but for the most part you don’t have to spend any money if you need to. Instead, eat what’s the in the fridge and brew your own coffee in the morning. Take your own lunches to work, have home happy hour at yours with friends, if it’s the weekend then do some freebie activities like catching up with friends at a park or the beach.

Potential Savings – Even just adding up how you’d save on a work day by buying catching the train to work (save $15 on road tolls and more if you pay for parking), taking your own lunch and coffee (save a good $20) and catching up with a friend for an after work walk as opposed to dinner out ($40) could save you a shed load in just one day!

And, if you want to take this to the next level there are people who are on weekly and even annual challenges to not buy anything – or a weekly no spend day could easily become a regular part of your money saving life.

WARNING: just like all fasts – whether it be food or finance – make sure you don’t binge on stupid crap you don’t need the next day.

So if you’re after some extra cash for the holiday season try out these tips this weekend and see how much you can save.