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      Now, thanks to Longevity App, every purchase you make today can boost your savings for tomorrow.

Boost your super whenever you spend

Make every cent count. Whether it’s your weekly grocery shop, grabbing lunch, or that sneaky pair of shoes bought online. We’ll take a small percentage extra (starting from 1%) and automatically add it to your existing super account. With the wonders of compounding you can significantly boost your nest egg without lifting a finger.

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We know that you’ve got other things to do

We also know you need to start preparing for your future, now. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to automatically boost your existing super account whenever you spend, so that you can add a little extra along the way and not get left behind. See how a cent here and a dollar there can really add up.

Learn more about why women get left behind

Check out our range of resources and information, and what you can do about it.

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Gender pay gap

For a range of reasons, such as they types of jobs and industries women and men work in, there is a difference between what men and women earn on average. Learn more about this persistent gender pay gap, currently at 15.3% and why it matters here.

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Career interruptions

Women take on average five years out of the workforce to care for children or family member which can cause their super savings stagnate and begin to fall behind those of men. When they do return to work, nearly half work part time, which puts a further dent into our nest egg.

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The Superannuation system

The current 9.5% Superannuation Guarantee (where employers are required to contribute 9.5% of your salary or wages into your super account) does not allow many women to accrue sufficient savings for a comfortable retirement.

But now you can do something

While we wait for the system to catch up, get a head start through making you purchases count. Top up your super with a little extra whenever you spend and boost your retirement fund one cent at a time. See how a cent here and a dollar there can really add up.

Super simple pricing

$19.95 a year – that’s it (or $1.99/mo)

No hidden costs

No sneaky transaction fees or extras. What you see is what you get.


Bank level security to ensure your top ups are safe.

You’re in control

Top up as much or as little as you into your existing super account. We support virtually all funds.

Built for mobile

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