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    Boost your super whenever you spend

    Make Every Cent Count

    Whether it’s your weekly grocery shop, grabbing lunch, or that sneaky pair of shoes bought online. We’ll take a small percentage extra¬†(starting from 1%) and automatically add it to your existing super account. With the wonders of compounding you can significantly boost your nest egg without lifting a finger.

    Important update for our customers

    After nearly five years of growing the Longevity app to help everyday Australians be better prepared for retirement, unfortunately Longevity will be taking a break from 30 June 2021.

    As you can imagine, this decision was not an easy one for us, however due to a range of challenges presented over the past 12 months (thanks COVID-19), we are unable to continue running the business in its current form, hence Longevity App and its services are being discontinued.

    Next steps

    There’s nothing we need you to do – we will handle the closing of accounts for you.¬†

    Any unused subscription fees have been returned to your linked bank account (it will be a direct credit from Longevity).

    Thanks again for all your support and love of Longevity over the past few years, we loved being on the savings journey with you!